Looking for opinions - qualifying for social security disability due to PTSD?


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Topic of discussion is social security disability and do I qualify because of my PTSD?

Where to start, I guess here in Syracuse there are not many disability doctors readily available or I guess noticeable to the naked eye waltzing the streets on a normal day.

I'm curious more on our level as oppose to a doctor though. My PTSD literally has changed me and has made it nearly impossible and I say nearly cause obviously any person can show up to work and clock in no disability makes you unable to do that. My PTSD has crippled my brain though. I'm talking on a mental level here that no one understands. I can't stand at a crosswalk now and wait to cross with out my brain thinking about what I have failed at in life and how I failed my precious best friend. I run through every chance God has given me to be a normal member of society and how I just ruined them all out of selfish ness.

Does anyone else's PTSD literally make them unable to think straight long enough to get any work done at all? I can't fathom getting a job because then my anxiety kicks in. Where do I start to get on disability for real.?
It is the same here in Canada. Almost impossible to find a doctor who will back a PTSD diagnosis and support an application for disability based on it. Here we have support systems that help people find resources. Do you have outreach centres for addiction and homelessness? They may have some supports. Also, looking for wellness and recovery education may well change your feature from bleak to bright. Wishing you all the best.
i've heard of lots of folks trying but have yet to hear of anybody succeeding in getting ssi for ptsd.

i've only heard. i am an army veteran who has been encouraged to apply for disability for my ptsd, but i rejected the notion because i would rather have the extra motivation for managing and/or preventing those crippling episodes. they still happen, but i don't want that gnarly fact to be the center of my life. i worry that earning a steady income for my handicap will cripple me more than the handicap, itself.

just opining. . .

steadying support while you find what works for you.
I got my SS for ptsd a couple years ago and it was a huge pain in the ass.

You primary care doc or therapist giving you a ptsd diagnosis only starts the process. The actual determination of disability is done by the psychiatrist SSD sends you too.

I worked with Allsup and they were amazing. They handled everything, right down to the lawyer who went to court with me. But. They will only take you if you aren't currently working and they take a chunk of your back pay (cant remember how much). Still they were worth every dime

First bad news....SSD will deny you the first time around. Unless you are catastrophically disabled (no arms no legs no mind) it's going to be a no. But that has nothing to do with YOU or your disability. That's just a numbers game the government plays to not pay people.

Then the really bad news - on average it takes 2 years. You will get back pay if you are approved which is nice, but it doesn't pay the bills today.

But even with that it was totally worth it in the end.