Sufferer Looking for some support from others who understand and can relate to sexual trauma.


Welcome. Many of us here have had sexual trauma among the many other reasons we are here. I encourage you to read some of the articles that resonate with you and seek out threads that may have questions that you have. You will find you are not alone. If you have a specific question, feel free to start a thread for feedback. We are a strong peer support forum.

Glad you are here.


I relate @sunflowermoon04. I don’t really talk about my story, it doesn’t help me and I have in the past been held to blame and judged for being the victim (? I know, it’s crazy) but there’s something about sexual trauma that feels so shameful still. And looking back, if I’d been who I am now I could have avoided some of it.
All these thoughts make it harder!
AnywY, just saying hello, welcome and you’re not alone!


Same. Yesterday I was walking somewhere and a guy in sunglasses told me to get in his car. I started screaming and recording him. But I've been shook for the last 2 days and I can't eat or function properly. Triggers happen and I'm learning to deal with/manage my symptoms.