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We're an international forum. There are different organisations that provide therapist directories depending on what part of the world you're in, as well as the type of (qualification) therapist you're looking for.

A lot of folks with a history of trauma like to get a therapist that is trauma-informed, but it depends on the type of therapy they're after, as well as the practical considerations of what's available in the local area and what they can afford.


While my ex therapist diag me ptsd it was obvious to both my psy it was cptsd kind for me. Since my trauma never ending life and the extent of my symptoms it is very obvious my ptsd is complex but no therapist will add the c because it doesn't change the fact it's ptsd first


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In the US lots/most (IME) trauma therapists believe in CPTSD. None can diagnose it. As the DSM rejected it.
I read today that the DSM-V ascribes to a subtype of PSTD for children 6 and under. It's C-PTSD without saying it. I was somewhere on the NIMH website.


It's C-PTSD without saying it.
Nope. Not really.

whilst there are some individuals who’ve argued that ANY developmental trauma qualified as PTSD… no organized body I’m aware of has agreed with it.

Rather? The “before age 6” is attempting to account for the way the young brains/minds differ from older/more literate & socially aware minds.

“Before age 6” is a super duper qualifier in the DSM. To account not just for young brains, bit illiterate/magical thinking/actively acting out… rather than incapable/mentally defective, delusional, & abusive. Very young children? Simply have a different series of standards of “normal”.