Undiagnosed Looking to engage with other part survivors from childhood experiences


New Here
Hello there, I am 18 years old and Canadian. I recently found this forum from Reddit and thought I should give it a chance. A quick overview of what has caused my never ending trauma symptoms… I grew up with an unstable set of parents. My dad was very manipulative and had my mom under his finger. She allowed him to abuse me, herself and my 4 younger sisters down the line. This went on from before I was born until just recently when I lost contact with him. The worst part about the abuse is it was basically isolated torture my entire childhood. From the age of about 4 I lived in the back of my dads semi truck and witnessed horrible acts of humility and abuse everyday directed to me and my mom. I wish I could escape what happened to me in the past but it haunts me everyday and wish I had someone that I could talk out the details with…. Thank you for whoever took the time to read my rant


Welcome to the forum, sorry you have reason to be here. You've got a lot of company here with folks who know how long-lasting the impacts of a shitty childhood can be (cough, waves hand, I'm one of them!). Different experiences, but similar consequences.

wish I had someone that I could talk out the details with
Hopefully some of our more local members will help out with options here if you're not already seeing a therapist? Irrespective pf whether you get diagnosed with ptsd, it sounds like it might be helpful to have a person on your side, who can help you make your 'life right now' what you want it to be.