Losing my dogs


About 3 weeks ago I had to put down my well loved service dog since she could no longer walk. It was sad and horrid for me. Now her sister can't walk. At 122 lbs, I can't pick her up. The vet will be coming today. I am trying not to be depressed, but my stepdad died June 10th, I moved in with my mother to help out July 15th, my mother went off on me in a drunken rant 2 days ago. The movers were movers from hell, and now are trying to charge me an extra $350 because they took so long. They didn't bring tools, a hand truck, a dolly or blankets for furniture. My 1st buyer backed out, so I got less than what I wanted for it. I know it's my reaction to what's happened but it's wearing me down. I had cancer surgery in Dec, the pandemic is coming back, federal agents came uninvited into a city near me, causing me a great deal of alarm, since I've been afraid of Trump becoming a dictator for some reason. These are all huge stresses. I force myself to keep busy until I drop, or else I'm dissociated. Oh, and I need back fusion surgery. I guess I'm just venting, but my tools are wearing out.


The situation with your doggos would be enough, all by itself, for the stress cup to be overflowing. Be gentle with yourself, and know that whatever 'doing your best' looks like right now? It's enough.
I'd say you have every right to be depressed. Sure, avoid clinical depression, but all that seems to call for at LEAST "extremely sad". I hope the near future holds some peace, some joy, and more dogs!

^Agree with @scout.

Avoid the situational depression plunging into clinical depression.

You are an extraordinary person with lots of scope for bounce. And bounce upwards you will. You'll be back on your feet soon & they'll be a distant and disgusting memory.

Almost all of those events are perpetrated by d*ckheads that won't be around to be a problem very much longer so keep your head up. :hug:

and so sorry regarding your loyal dogs.
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