Lost My Job Today

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Did you know that chronic Migraines are covered under FMLA (Family Medical Leave Act)?? Neither did I, until a couple years ago.. none of my supervisors or administrators offered me this tidbit of info. I was always getting in trouble for absences due to migraines. Once I found out about my rights, they couldn't touch me. (for that anyway) PTSD is also covered, but if you run out of the alotted 12 weeks per fiscal year, and your company is a bunch of assholes like mine was, then they'll fire you for whatever they can get away with. (which means, if you dont know your rights, you're screwed, like me.) But the FMLA thing is something to be aware of also. Hang in there. :wink:


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Well in WA it says that in order to be covered under FMLA you have to have been at your job for 12 months. I NEVER make it past 7 or 8 months..I always get fired first.

It is SO stressful not being able to hold a job..seriously I'm sure it is just making the PTSD worse. It is horrible not knowing if you'll be fired or be able to support yourself or whatever..


You're also covered under the American's with Disabilities Act (ADA) with PTSD. That might help with the disability claim. Have your doctor write you a letter stating you have PTSD and submit it with your disability claim.

Good luck and keeping my fingers crossed for you!
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