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I am scared of people well everything actually. I was abused physically, mentally, and emotionally I was sexually abused by a man that mom was cheating on Daddy with I told her she chose him over me. I was born sick mom wanted perfect children my other siblings were born with health issues I remember all the way back to age 3 withdrawing from the world I never socialized now as a nearly 51 I don't have any friends I am not close to anyone. I have panic attacks a lot I don't know what the triggers are. As far as dissociation I go inside that's my safe place.


Welcome @SherriLynne,

I think you said a lot in one short paragraph. You've suffered so much. Many of us here have. You are not alone here. Welcome!

As an English teacher, I would say that your paragraph proves that punctuation isn't everything. You moved me quite well without it.

But, it does make it easier for other people to understand your message to break it up with periods and spacing.

Are you in therapy, or have you been diagnosed with PTSD?

I hope you find what you're looking for here. This is a wonderful forum.


I never socialized now as a nearly 51 I don't have any friends I am not close to anyone. I have panic attacks a lot I don't know what the triggers are. As far as dissociation I go inside that's my safe place.

Hi Sherrilynne,

I dissociate to go to a safe place too, I think sometimes it is really ok, it makes me feel calm and safe. I'm similar age, I socialize well professionally but not at all personally. The other is my "fake" but it works. I wish I had friends, I thought I had but they weren't real friends so I am starting over. It is hard but I don't think impossible.

We're here right? There must be others out there....

Take care, I can't offer much other than understanding... Whirlwind

P.S. Beautiful avatar btw....
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I go inside that's my safe place.
That's a great place to have. Celebrate that!

Welcome to the forum. You will find lots of folks here who can listen and be supportive if you can be open to it. This is a place you can talk about yourself without having to be too scared.



Welcome :). So sorry that those things happened to you, but I'm glad that you found us. This is a wonderful community with so many wonderful people who understand, help you feel heard, remind you of things that you need reminding of, and offer support. Hugs.


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I am sorry about not using punctuations. I have dyslexia. It affects me. I can't retain what I have read or had to study yes I am in therapy. I have a really good therapist. She gives me home work. I use sign language, but I don't have anyone to sign with. They have moved away or passed away. I sign when I pray. I am hard of hearing. My right ear is gone. My left is half gone. I can't wear hearing aids because I am allergic to the thing the goes in the ear. I want to know how to know all my triggers I know a few. I am afraid of cars. When riding with my care coordinator I a car comes to close I jump and yell. I tremble but when something triggers me the trembling gets much worse. Growing up I had to hide my disabilities. She wanted perfect children. She never got that all of us were disabled I had pseudoseizures I have asthma my hearing was bad then. I couldn't hide anything. All she was concerned about how she was seen by others. I just wanted to be normal.


Welcome, @SherriLynne - I've moved your thread into the Introductions forum, so more members can see you are new and say hello.

This place is a great resource. If you need help getting started, take a look at these links:
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I'm sorry to read that you've gone through what you have, and I hope you can find some great support and information on the site.
@SherriLynne. Welcome to this forum! I hope you get the support you need! I am also a new member and I like to read the posts out here.
I find much comfort in many of them! I wish you much strenght on you're journey ahead. To me it sometimes feels like running a life-long marathon and i need the encouragment from others down the road!! Hugs for you!
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