Lost transportation/triggered


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Hello fellow travelers,
I lost my car and now have to rely on public transportation. I just realized I’ve been triggered. The only time I’ve been with out a vehicle in my adult life (63 now) is when I was homeless for two years in Detroit during its troubled years of 1993-95. So many traumas happened and I got a knife pulled on me in a bus. I just realized how triggered and abandoned I’ve been feeling lately.


That's definitely a crappy situation to be in. Do you have any supports you could ask to help with some of your regular trips to minimise using public transport for a while?


That penny dropping is almost as much of a shock to the system as dealing with the trigger/stressor itself, isn’t it? Oh. Right. THIS. Faaaaaaawk. 😖

As avoidant as PTSD is, it’s almost like it decides to break its own rules and zap us back to the traumas, because it’s so distressed at the triggers/stressors that we’re missing as triggers/stressors (and it is freaking the hell out about). THIS!!! THIS IS WHY!!! StopStopStopSTOP. For the love of Mike! Make the connection, so we can go back to status quo. Are you stupid human? You KNOW how this will end! Stop it. Stop it now! Or this, and this and this will all happen again! Stop touching the hot burner!).


The upside to realizing “it” (whatever it is) is a trigger/stressor? Helluva tools/ skills/ tips/ tricks/ methods to managing the symptoms & fallout.

But man oh man oh man… the whole damn thing just sucks.