Lots of good things


Yesterday I paid off one of my student loans less than a year after graduating.

I was approved for an apartment and move early October (also yesterday).

I started a new job and absolutely love it.

I'm getting comfortable with my new therapist.

Life is moving so fast now. I'm terrified and excited to really get a foothold in adulthood.


CONGRATULATIONS!!!! So happy for you and all the great things you've accomplished. And a job you love? That is a lot of future joy right there.

Thank you for sharing. We all need to see something like this as it gives us hope. You got this!!!


Congrats! Those are all really positive things and you deserve it all. I can definitely relate to feeling both excited and terrified for positive change in my personal life as well. I hope you are taking a moment to feel proud of yourself for all these good things you're accomplishing.
It sounds like you are doing really well these days, 12Birds!

I'm glad you like your job because having to go to a job five or more days per week that you hate can be really rough. Take it from someone who knows.