General "Loving Someone with PTSD" : is this book useful in any manner


Hi there, to be clear I’m a sufferer who’s also been a supporter. I just ordered now the book "Loving Someone with PTSD" because I’m tired to explain myself to the people I’m living with. I do see they have the best intentions but when I go AWOL and bunker against anything, I do see how helpless they feel and how the atmosphere in the house is impacted. I wasn’t expecting this whole situation to become a clusterf*ck but it did. So I ordered this book. I would like things to improve but it’s really hard and I’m in a blown-up depressive avoidant episode.

I wondered if any of you supporters have had experience with this one and if it’s been of any utility?


I’m not familiar with that one in particular, but a GREAT supporter book is The Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Relationship: How to Support Your Partner and Keep Your Relationship Healthy by Diane England. That’s the old school go-to we recommend to new supporters when they ask about books. It’s written in plain language, and it’s probably the clearest explanation of PTSD for an outsider.


experience with this one and if it’s been of any utility?
No, but when you read it could you let me know if it helped? My son and I live in harmony, he is aware of my need for solitude sometimes and is respectful of my stuff. My mom takes it personally. I feel much better about the day if I can sit at my computer while drinking my coffee and visit this website and the chicken website. My day starts quietly and I'm up for the rest. My mom takes it personally if I don't go in and have coffee with her every morning. So I do.


i'm not familiar with the book, but i am familiar with both sides of the ptsd help desk. for my therapy nickel, the receiving side of that desk is the easier side to navigate. even with the insights of my own ptsd to guide me, i feel far more helpless offering help than receiving help.

still, the healing benefits on the giving side of the help desk are tremendous. it is well worth the effort of learning how my psychoses(pl) impacts the world around me. it really is better to give than to receive.