Sufferer Lucky to be alive


New Here
Hello All, this seems like a good place for me. I describe my family as batshit crazy that's fair based on diagnosed mental illness. I'm in the senior years still having to work. Therapy of all kinds since college age, been married and divorced. My son is grown and OK, thank god, if quirky. CPTSD has not gone away. Still wakes me up at night screaming. Trauma informed therapist looked at the ACE score and said I'm lucky to be alive. I have self diagnosed EDS and fibromyalgia. Sure DID and suicidal ideation lifelong.
We have a lot of smart people on this forum, looking forward to discussions.


Your welcome, I'm on here everyday if you ever feel like talking. I have a history of complex trauma aswell and depression and anxiety. But life does get better.


hello garuda. welcome to the forum.

i'm also senior (68) whose cptsd hasn't miraculously gone away just 'cause i don't like it, but i am happy to report i have been sleeping well in recent years.

welcome aboard.