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Making A Break!!!!

Discussion in 'Accomplishments' started by wildfirewildone, Oct 2, 2007.

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  1. wildfirewildone

    wildfirewildone Well-Known Member

    :wink:I'm getting off one of my meds...Remeron....I am officially off now.....my psychodoc supervised the whole thing and we went slowly to wean me off.....so that's good!!! This is the third day off and no problems.....I do take several other psych meds so my doc said I wouldn't miss it......To cut it was my suggestion and he went along with it....I am soooooo blessed to have such a good psychodoc!!!!! :clap:......PEACE FOR THE PLANET
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  3. nie

    nie Wishing for wings to fly. Premium Member Donated

    Way to Go!!
  4. Marlene

    Marlene I'm a VIP Premium Member

    *High fives all around* Good for you!!!

  5. 2quilt

    2quilt I'm a VIP


    That sounds great! Keep breathing. One hour at a time, now. Take it slow. If you feel changes and some problems showing up, call your psychdoc, write us here, call your friends, etc. keep us all informed; don't try to handle this by yourself because you will need all the support you can get, and you know that we are here for you. Your brain is going through a change and it will not be the easiest thing you have ever done! Hold hands with people who can help you through it.
  6. anthony

    anthony Silently Watching Founder

    Well done wildfire... really well done.
  7. Kathy

    Kathy I'm a VIP

    Good on you, wildfire! What a difference a good doctor makes. I wish you all the best off the medications.
  8. vst

    vst Active Member

    That is great!!
  9. wildfirewildone

    wildfirewildone Well-Known Member

    :hello: I've kept up with my reading on the forum but not feeling well enough to post....A week ago I went to my son's wedding 3 and a half hours away....I went Saturday and came home on Monday.....then I collapsed for about three days....Unfortunately I had to ride down with my father [my perpetrator] as I didn't have the $$s to drive myself and my son forgot to set apart the money I would need for gas....My sister and my mom were to go in the same vehicle but for health reasons they didn't go...so that left me alone to deal with his low frustration levels and his emoting about every little thing :mad: Then while I was down there I also had to deal with my older brother's low frustration levels and his emoting as well....I enjoyed my son's wedding in spite of them....and even though it was physically painful..I had a slow dance with my son during the reception....almost made it through the entire song...I just wasn't going to the reception and not dance with him :clap: As you all know I was off my Remeron and that probably added to my inability to handle all the emoting I was subjected to...I spent as much time as possible as I know that it would help me not to get externally upset.....As it turns out my nervous system took a very stressful beating....so I've not felt very good this week....In my case the overwhelming of my nervous system has affected my physical well being as well....I saw my T on Thursday but I had a hard time getting him to understand the type of pain I was dealing with....his advice was to focus on the good things that happened....I did a lot of that already but the stress to my nervous system was the thing that laid me low this week....I saw my psychodoc yesterday and he totally understood what I was referring to.....Last evening I was feeling very horrible in mind and body.....so I grabbed one of my soft plush bunnies and stroked her a lot as I watched the baseball game [our Cleveland Indians are in the finals and need to win this best out of seven series to advance to the World Series] It was an exciting game.....lots of back and forth over the runs made with each team!!.....I slept till 1:15 today....I am fortunately finally feeling that I've recovered quite a bit!!!! I hope that you all have pleasant dreams tonight!!!KEEPING THE PEACE
    goingonhope likes this.
  10. permban0077

    permban0077 Policy Enforcement Banned

    WF, I think you are doing great even if it hurts, you are seeing many positives still.
  11. goingonhope

    goingonhope Member Premium Member

    Wildfire, Nice to hear about the success in you enjoying your son's wedding and despite those other things. I'm glad all went as well as it did.

    Hope you're still feeling well after that combined enorm. stress to your nervous system, that you tolerated. I'm glad to hear that you've rested, taken it easy and feeling much better now.

    By the way, WFWO, excellent that you suggested to get off the Remeron, and are off it now. I can't find the logic though in the doctor saying that you wouldn't miss it and yet perhaps, if it hadn't been for you taken the responsibility to suggest you go off it, would you still be on it?
    Apparently, just one of my little skirmishes with doctors.

    Wildfire, again BTW, I always have enjoyed the way you end so many, or all, of your posts with "Keeping the Peace." I've still got a lot to accept and learn.

    Also, like what veiled pointed out, that you seem to find positives still, I read all of them too, and I do think you're doing well, and hope you continue to take care.

    Again, Great Job, Wildfirewildone ! :thumbs-up

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