Making ADA requests

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I emailed work a request for the most private means to make an ADA request that is possible.

They sent me to someone who said would handle it privately. Now 7 people are included on an email discussion from 4 departments.

i emailed my most direct supervisor and asked if this could be handled more privately. Offered suggestions.

Trying really hard to not just withdraw the request and possibly quit.

I don’t know why this is freaking me out but it is.

Anyone run into this? I’m used to 1 contact with HR and they approve it and tell my dept I would bring a SD. The end.


In response to my request for a more private means to make and handle rhe request, staff explained they did not mean to discuss medical matters with all the departments they copied. They thought they were only implementing an approved request. I explained that I had not submitted the doctors letter yet, was just asking where to do that and what was the most private way to handle it. I have not even submitted the doctor’s note. They finally gave me the contact information of where to go.


Hi, this is so insensitive and sounds like they didn't completely read your email. I'm a supervisor at work and just high enough on the food chain to hear some of the stupidity that upper management spews. I've heard some pretty stupid things, but most of all it's pretty common for someone to supposedly read my email and then ask me questions about things that were addressed in the email.

I cannot image your frustration and anger over this. I'm sorry you've gone through this and I hope things have gotten better since then.


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Hi justmehere,

I'm sorry.

I was a group benefit insurance consultant before going on disability. Your ability to earn income is you most important asset. I know it's distressing. You don't want to end up in a financially difficult position by withdrawing your request or by quitting.

Hold onto that emails and if you talk in person ask an email outlining what was spoken about so you don't forget.

Keeping a paper trail is your best protection in a dispute.
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