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MDMA therapy after course of SSRIs

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I've been taking 50mg of sertraline for nearly a year and I was wondering how long after tapering off a course of antidepressants would it be safe to take MDMA in a therapeutic setting?
Definitely a question best answered by a psychiatrist who knows your specific history....do you have anyone currently managing your psych meds?
Only my GP who I phone once every while to say how it’s going on the meds. But I wasn’t planning on telling the GP about the MDMA therapy because obviously it’s illegal and could get my therapist into a lot of trouble etc
If MDMA therapy is completely illegal where you are, anyone administering it "off the books" is performing an illegal act and therefore should not be practicing it in any capacity. I wouldn't be able to trust this practitioner, and trust is the cornerstone of MDMA therapy in my understanding.
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