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medical marijuana?

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Tomorrow is my first appointment with a psychiatrist in Illinois where weed has become completely legal and I was wondering if I should bring up getting a medical card? My therapist has recommended it along with my other medications and I was wondering if anyone else has one and if it helps? Any information would be awesome! Thank you in advance!! Have a great day!
I smoked pot / ate hash oil (not legally, for the most part, although in some countries it was fine) the first time my PTSD got bad.

It helped about as much as any other drug I used. Ecstasy, MDMA/MDA (not for therapy purposes, just recreationally), LSD, Psilocybin, Mescaline, Peyote, Opiates of many colours, Cocaine, Alcohol, Benzos, etc. Chemical Distance? // Better living through chemistry? Is just fawking useful, sometimes. Also, they have some well known downsides. Being able to choose my mood helped my PTSD absolutely not one iota... but they all helped me remain highly functional in my life. This time around? I decided to f*ck up my life in brand new ways, since I’d already done the other. The end result was that I DID avoid the inherent problems in habitual drug/alcohol use/abuse, but my life also took a rather steep nosedive. Comparatively.

So for me? It’s very much 6 of 1, Half a dozen of another. Pick which problems you want.
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Been using it for 3 years. I recently read Healing with Cannabis by Cheryl Pellerin. Its a fantastic read and full of current information. Well worth reading if you are considering cannabis therapy - or even if you are not. The connections being made between endocannabiniods/cannabinoids and chronic inflammatory illness and chronic stress are being researched and understood like never before.

Right now I use both CBD oil and THC in both oil and hashish form. Oils stay in your system longer so as an example before bedtime I use a couple sprays of THC oil, then use hashish, then when I turn in a couple more sprays of oil and I sleep. CBD is always. Three times a day. I find it damps down background anxiety and helps me recover faster when I do have stressful days and experiences.

The hard part is the how of cannabis therapy. Find a good clinic and they can help you get started and help you find a working solution for you. A huge help for me was journaling my experiences and effects. An inexpensive method is using an app like Strainprint that allows you to rate the effectiveness of your therapy on your symptoms and may lead on to improving the effectiveness of cannabis therapy. If you prefer paper there are a lot of paper journals available. Cheap ones are all the same and allow some space but there is at least one I found that has lots of room and prompts for rating products, their effects and their effectiveness.
I have a friend in LA who uses medical MJ for her PTSD and finds it very effective Im in the UK so I can't access that but I do smoke MJ for my PTSD, obviously what Im getting here isn't as carefully selected for my symptoms as a US MMJ but I find this effective and what I need after EDMR therapy to relax and not just be upset all evening. I find it really effective but do sometimes get more low level intrusive thoughts when I've smoked but they're less upsetting as I'm high.
Living in Canada does have a few advantages! Yes @Divine I find the same. I have had one bad experience with a very high THC flower, funny because it was not the first time using that product.

Right now I am using hashish as it seems to do as you said. Less obtrusive thoughts and more ability to focus on reading, the other thing that keeps thoughts from getting going. As for flower I like White Walker Kush, Death Bubba kush, and GSC. I find that I am more functional on the hash though and I can still get to sleep.
I have had one bad experience with a very high THC flower, funny because it was not the first time using that product.
Actually, pretty common - the CBD/THC levels continue to shift after the plant is picked and dried, and while it waits to be consumed. It's not particularly stable, and there's no way to make it stable - unless you've combined it with fats in (any) edible form.

I'm not anti-MMJ - but I wish that everyone who used it respected it as a psychotropic drug, and knew a little more about the risks. That's not a comment directed at you, @Freddyt - You're clearly aware of the potency issues. Hash is stable or degrades, once processed. MMJ can get stronger after processing, depending on the plant.
Absolutely @joeylittle. Personally I find with flower I usually prefer around 10-12mg to the high THC which is 20+mg. That and it is modified by how much CBD you have in you as well.
I have a little everything - high, medium, low THC. Balanced, high CBD. It's all because you need to find what works for you.
That is also why I keep a paper journal, and consider it very important The goal is to be more functional.
One reason l use cannabis is that I have recalled pain incidents where I have pain at where the original injury occured I wouldn't wish on anyone. Where some would reach for a drink I reach for cannabis.
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I have been using CBD for a while now and I do seem to be a little calmer and I definitely sleep better while taking it.

I wondered if there has been any news about research studies directed toward treating PTSD with marijuana? I also wanted to comment that every state that has legalized marijuana for medical purposes has allowed PTSD as a qualifying condition. In other words, if you have PTSD and live in a state where marijuana is legal for medical purposes, you qualify for a card and treatment using cannabis/marijuana.

I just wanted to mention that I agree with what @somerandomguy has said. There is a lot of fine-tuning involved in finding the right strain, dosage, and delivery system.

I am not supposed to know this but I personally respond well to a strain called, "golden goat". It lifts my mood, I am more upbeat and relaxed, get the giggles with it, and found that it slows my thoughts so that I can choose more carefully.
I honestly think it’s like any meds in that it’s not for everyone and funding the right dose and thc/cbd ratio is important. I’ve been experimenting with mircodosing edibles lately I seem to have a lot more energy and focus (less dissociative symptoms) just exactly the opposite of what you think when you imagine weed. I’ve got to be careful as smoking has given me the fear in the past I have cbt tincture on hand if I get the thc fear.
sadly i respond incredibly poorly to all marijuana i have tried including cbd. it just doesn't agree with me. i have had success with opiates, psilocybin and ketamine and alcohol. that's about it. and success is variable. sometimes it was just a matter of survival and pushing through.
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