Members Take Note - Everyone Is Not Who You May Think

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I want to remind members that this is a mental health forum and members can have diverse mental health problems. Some people can be extremely manipulative and cunning, and it can be predatorily or purely mental health based. PTSD is not that bad on the scale of mental issues for psychotic type behaviours, but there are members who may have personality disorders, or other, of worse nature that can cause chaos here.

We cannot control what occurs once you give someone your personal details, phone, email and so forth. You take it completely out of our hands, as we can only assess content that exists on this website.

New members should really take note of this, because being too sympathetic or compassionate can put you into very real danger within your personal life.

You should never share personal information or details with any member unless you have a well and truly established history with them. You should never give them anything personal until you have met them in a public place or used an anonymous type of video messaging to chat with them, so you can see who they are, get a feel for them and so forth. This stuff is not new... it's called online safety. You should simply be more aware of it here upon a mental health forum.

If it wasn't an issue, then it wouldn't continue to occur here... yet it does, because people keep giving their private contact details to members they don't know, have no real idea who they are as a person, or whether they're even safe to be in private contact with. They see a puppy they think they can help, and before they know it are concerned for their safety or well-being due to being stalked electronically or in person.

We provide communication methods for public and private conversations here... use them please and keep yourself safe and secure. If someone gets creepy, stalker-ish or other here that rings alarm bells, we can take action by reviewing their history and keeping an eye on them. Staff near always have someone being watched, that is how frequent things occur here. When you take it away from here to email or phone, we no longer have such control and you cannot share it with us due to privacy laws, nor can we ascertain its validity.

For the love of God... use the anonymity this site provides you and stick with the above methods.

Friendships evolve and take time... use public places for meeting and still don't give personal details until you feel the time is right. This is your safety at stake, and if you don't take it seriously, then we have no chance in assisting you to remain safe whilst online at My PTSD.

There are lots of good people here... but it takes time to work those people out with some accuracy. You don't have a crystal ball to read a person or their agenda.


I've pinned this posting to the top of the Announcements forum because:

It could not be said better
It is extremely important

If you believe you are being harassed by a member via PC (our private message system here), please inform me as soon as you are aware of a potential problem.

Once you allow a member here to have access to your private information - your Facebook account, your Skype name, your email - it becomes more difficult for us to do anything to help you out. Still - if a member is bothering you via those means, and you cannot get them to stop on your own, please ask us for help and we will do what we can.
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