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Mental health consequences of natural disasters

Discussion in 'Studies & Research' started by Brian Resnick, Sep 11, 2017.

    Hi all,

    I'm a reporter with Vox. I hope you all don't mind me dropping a note in this forum.

    I'm working on a story about the mental health consequences of natural disasters like Hurricane Harvey and Irma. I've read some academic research and talked to mental health professionals on how storms cause psychological distress, but I'm hoping to better understand the issue from a personal perspective. I feel like this is an under-covered topic in the media, and I hope to shine a light on it. Personal stories help do that.

    If you're willing to share your story, please feel free to reach out.

    <moderator edit to remove contact information pending author submission of information to site myPTSD administration for approval>

    I'm looking to talk to people whose psychological distress was either exasperated or caused by a storm. I want to learn what help was available to you, what worked, and what didn't. (And I know this is a sensitive topic, so we can discuss how I identify you in the story)

    I'd be grateful for your time and willingness to discuss a tough topic with a stranger.


    Brian Resnick
    Science Reporter
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  2. Justmehere

    Justmehere Defying the odds Moderator Premium Member

    Brian Resnick -

    Please submit your contact info and supporting documentation to the administrative email address ('contact us') for myPTSD, so it can be reviewed, and once approved, added to your post above.

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  3. cactus_jack

    cactus_jack Well-Known Member

    Reminds me of an academic/peer-reviewed study on the occurrence of PTSD among earthquake victims. IIRC it's sitting out in my truck, I'll have to re-read it to make sure. PTSD can certainly happen almost anywhere, all dependent on the recipient's condition, IMO. And other factors as well, too.
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