Mental Health students, workers, & professionals

(Here's where I wish we still had Groups.)

I'm a part-time student in Mental Health Counseling, and I know there are other students, workers, and professionals in Mental Health here at MyPTSD. I wonder if anyone else would like to chat here about being in the MH field while having PTSD.

Obviously this is a place where anonymity is crucial, but I don't think it will be a problem.


I'm involved in behavioral and mental health, but not a therapist for many reasons. I consider myself more of a theoretical psychologist, although I only have a Bachelor's of Science in psych. As a sufferer, I find it impossible to be a supporter at the same time, at least on a full-time basis. Tried to be a case manager at a rural MH clinic once, and I lasted 9 months before I couldn't cope anymore. Learned a lot about myself at that job. Now, I work with therapy animals and am working on getting certified as an Equine-Assisted Learning specialist in MH. It will take a long time for me, but I love using animals to help people with PTSD learn to manage their symptoms better. I know from personal experience how to utilize animal therapy. Even though I can't do any work on a full-time basis, doing these sessions part-time gives me some much-needed purpose in my life.


Hi @JGTRG, welcome ... do you find your PTSD is a problem in your line of work?
I’ve managed it for 6 years so I must being doing something well!

I manage very well considering. I find I can be empathetic with some peoples problems more I think.

but then when I’m having a bad time, going to work really doesn’t help because it’s really really hard to have to solve other peoples problems when I feel so unsteady internally. But fortunately, I have the ease of being able to reschedule things during those times.

It helps that my boss is really good. He’s very understanding of me, and people with flaws in general. And if I told him I’m in a bad place, he’s cool for me to just keep my head down for a bit, which often means sitting at the other side of the office with my noise cancelling headphones on!