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Mental Imagery Study With Dr. Robert Roerich

Discussion in 'General' started by anthony, Dec 26, 2006.

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  1. anthony

    anthony Silently Watching Founder

    Forum Editors, please refrain from posting to this until I have opened it for discussion.

    Mental Imagery Study

    A brief outline of what is coming: After consultation with Dr. Roerich, he has agreed to give his time freely in order to help bring the power of mental imagery to the public eye. Dr. Robert Roerich is one of a handful of world experts in mental imagery, and aside from the conventional basics of mental imagery itself, he has developed a unique method in which to determine and present persons current emotional state.

    What does bringing people’s current emotional footprint to light achieve? Well, if you look at the characteristic nature of trauma itself, trauma is nothing more than a chunk of emotions. To heal trauma we must find our emotions. The problem with the human mind though, is ignorance and fear. When asked a direct question for example; how are you today? A persons response is something like, "great, thanks... you?" This is our conscious response to not tell the truth about our true emotions. We could feel like absolute garbage, but still produce the response of "great, thanks... yourself?" as the response. Why? Because we attempt to control our perception sought by others.

    This means that if asked a direct question about trauma, chances are you're not going to provide the full picture. Even if you could, the chances are high that you won't describe absolutely what the emotional problem is, especially not when trauma is so prevalent within. With trauma comes fear, trust and social issues. With these issues alone, this is good enough reason to remove the conscious input of the mind in order to determine a unique emotional state.

    Dr. Roerich's work has been developed in order to remove the individual from having to find the emotional problem, instead being provided their current emotional state in order to communicate the issue at hand. Mental imagery does not lie, because through the very simple process developed by Dr. Roerich, it doesn't matter what you choose, but that you chose it for a reason.

    What is Dr. Roerich's method of delivery? The simple method of delivery used is called "The Road" or just "Road" for short. The basic road consists a set of 15 questions, in which you simply describe an imaginary journey consisting of your current mental images; ie. the first thing that pops into your mind basically. Using these known images based on thousands of patient’s accumulated data, an emotional state can be returned to the person, thus now giving the person the power of knowing their current emotional state, thus all they have to do is now pin the emotion to the corresponding action / event within their lives, instead of the other way around.

    How is this data verified? The data used is original data accumulated by Dr. Roerich over the past 20+ years from thousands of actual patients. What was discovered is that when asked a serious of questions in order to describe a journey, the minds returned the same / similar responses to corresponding events, thus an emotional state could be assigned to each type of object, colour, item and so forth. Basically, this data is from thousands of minds themselves, not merely theory presented. This is practical data that is now being used.
    The above quoted information is expressed here with Dr. Roerich's permission, from his unpublished book "The Mind Code." The information above has been inserted in part only, as it serves much purpose in which to get across a better scope of mental imagery, and Dr. Roerich's technique. Hopefully soon to be rewritten and published, for electronic download only would make me happy.

    My Personal Opinion

    From the very limited experience I have with mental imagery thus far, I must say it is nothing short of astounding. As a sufferer, and my own experience walking the PTSD healing path, I must honestly say that this is the no BS approach to helping us heal. Its new age, its retro if you like, its extremely powerful, to the point and helps a person identify what they feel, generally the problem causing the emotion, and much more. I have been learning from Dr. Roerich, and doing my own research as well, and for the very little I know and have personally experienced with mental imagery, all I can honestly say is, "it blows the other methods of emotional reasoning away." CBT, EMDR, TIL, Light Therapy, etc etc etc... the long list of therapies, all slow, all relying upon our ability to be open and honest. No danger associated to mental imagery in the immediate process, unlike therapies such as hypnotherapy or EMDR. No right or wrong, just a few simple answers to a few simple questions which will reveal your current emotional state.

    What I have discovered though, is that whilst mental imagery is near perfect accuracy wise at exposing our true emotional state, a lot of this particular processes effect has to do with the delivery method itself. I have been playing around with a bit of this technique myself with a couple of members, and learning for myself and producing some mild results, but nothing like what Dr. Roerich himself produces. Why? Because he invented this specific technique and owns his personal research as such, thus he has 20 odd years experience behind him. Delivery is the key to the success of this technique, and 10 people will get the chance to experience this with him in order to provide feedback publicly about their before and after session.

    To speak very bluntly... people who read my posts here know I do not tolerate bullshit, or rubbish methods that just send a person in circles. If I didn't have 110% faith in this technique myself, I wouldn't be endorsing it fullstop. Current practioners chase their tails going in circles, trying to reinvent what is already present, instead of focusing on newer techniques, untapped resources and methods. But no... many continue to try and evolve something that works now, but nothing as efficient as this does from my experience.

    More to come....
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  3. anthony

    anthony Silently Watching Founder

    Requirements to Participate


    The purpose of this study is to demonstrate the effectiveness of mental imagery to determine the impact on current emotional state. Trauma, for a better term, is a name for compounded intense emotions. To understand our emotional state is to understand the problem in which we must resolve.


    The aim of this assessment is to provide a foundation of merit to therapists, trauma sufferers and non-trauma suffers to the effectiveness of mental imagery in determining current emotional state.


    This assessment will be conducted individually with Dr. Robert Roerich, under non-medical circumstances. Dr. Roerich will conduct a general mental imagery assessment with each participant, total of ten (10) participants, in order to provoke their current emotional state to their logical brain. Once the emotional state is determined, the logical brain will then begin to process and connect the discovered emotional state with current emotional conflict.


    This trial is open to 10 participants that will be randomly chosen from all interested. Unlike most trials that take place; this trial does not contain set criteria in which to determine a defined outcome. For example: most clinical trials have a defined scope in which to determine a predefined outcome. This means that most clinical trials are flawed; they are looking for an answer that they are pre-empting, which means the outcome is tainted before the trial began. The criterion for this trial does not impose particular standards on the participants based on medical background, trauma type, duration, etc.

    Participants must merely meet the following non-medical eligibility criteria:
    • Be of 18 years of age or older,
    • Have suffered trauma,
    • Have a webcam and microphone for direct video interview,
    • Have a broadband connection for live streaming of video interview,
    • Must accept, sign and return the disclaimer of liability,
    • Participants must have a current therapist or physician in which to discuss and talk about the results to find appropriate solutions, as no medical advice will be given as this is a non-medical assessment only due to legal liability restrictions.
    • Must be willing to document their before, during and after mental imagery journey upon the forum publicly (excluding private information), and
    • Must be honest and open to experience an extremely powerful method in which to find current emotional state of mind.
    Very simple, very easy. We must limit age to 18 years of age as laws do not allow minors to be assessed without parental approval and presence.

    Broadband connection is required to stream video promptly with minimal chance of failure. Basically, a connection faster than 56k is required. This can be your connection, a friends computer, an Internet cafe (hopefully quite private) if they have the features available. Video and audio is required so that Dr. Roerich can see you and act upon body talk and facial expressions. Audio is required as typing is a slow and non-effective method of interview. The chat system is a unique system that will be established online, will be secure https and private for the interview. The URL and access details will be provided uniquely to each participant. There is no software needed, as it is all run online through your Internet browser.

    A connection test will be required with myself prior to the interview, in order to ensure your video is functional with the system so technical difficulties are not an issue at time of assessment.

    Assessment timings will be determined by country location and worked out uniquely per participant to meet world time zones.

    The legal liability disclaimer is attached for pre-reading, and will only be required by those who are fortunate enough to take part in this trial. And I do mean fortunate, as this is rare opportunity in which to experience the full power of mental imagery unleashed.

    Desired Outcome

    There isn't a specific outsome set, as the purpose and intent is to have participants find the overall outcome themselves, thus document the before, during and after effects. The general desired effect is that the partipants learn more about their current emotional state, thus engaging their logical brain in which to deal with these emotions.

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  4. anthony

    anthony Silently Watching Founder

    I have now opened this thread for business. Those interested in taking the mental imagery trial with Dr. Roerich, please express your interest here.
  5. becvan

    becvan Queen of the Blunt! Premium Member

    Interest Expressed.

  6. permban0077

    permban0077 Policy Enforcement Banned

    Ditto here, hubs is going to get the camera, mic, and set up highspeed for my computer now, and even get out and let me alone to do. He is just as open as I am to anything new.
  7. Theresa

    Theresa New Member

    Study with Dr. Roerich

    I am very interested in doing this. I had some success with EMDR in the past.
  8. lrs

    lrs Well-Known Member

    I would certainly be interested.
  9. juls

    juls Active Member

  10. anthony

    anthony Silently Watching Founder

    Nice, half way there... just another five people to go. For those above who have expressed interest, we will commence the process soon, thus all five of you will be partaking in this, and I thank you for it. You won't be sorry, let me just say that.
  11. permban0077

    permban0077 Policy Enforcement Banned

    Great my high speed is up and running now!
  12. carpediem2006

    carpediem2006 Active Member

    I would like to also express an interest!
  13. doobie

    doobie Active Member

    yes i would be interested have cable connection but will get camera, mic,set up....that's all i need to do
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