Microamnesia? Forgetfulness? what is this?


Hi all,

Something has been happening in therapy that I consider new.
Instead of just spacing out heavily -which still happens at times- when working on or talking about something tough, sometimes I struggle answering a question posed by my therapist or talk about something and I am aware my thinking is impaired, but then at times it kinds of gets more "dense" (?) and I forget what the question was or what we were talking about, including the feelings/emotions I was feeling. It goes "poof".

Most times, my therapist has to remind me to be able to keep the conversation going (after grounding, of course). This leaves me frustrated and very uncomfortable.

This has been happening for a few months now. I used to just go away instead.

Does anyone struggle with this? Do you have any ideas on how to either work on it or why it is happening?

Thank you ?


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I’ve done that, no idea how to fix it or what it is. Happens everywhere, not just with T and it’s so incredibly embarrassing.


When communication includes feelings and emotions.. It's normal for our mind to be kind of cloudy/muddeled in our thinking. Feelings and emotions that coexist with commiunication can be just, plain hard.