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mirtazapine - your thoughts / experiences?

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Hi everyone.
Dr sent me a new prescription this morning, for mirtazapine. Other drugs have had no success. Discussed it with Psychiatrist who said to only use the lower dose of M as I’m a single mum, and worry about the impact on sleep/hangover effect. The Dr said as he’s giving me the lowest dosage, I shouldn’t worry about that too much, as it isn’t a given.
Thoughts, experiences?
Mirtazapine comes in 15,30 and 45mg. I'm on 45 and it helps me sleep but doesn't help my depression.
Was feeling suicidal when I went on it. And I loved how it made me feel the first week- kind of drunk physically, not mentally, without the buzz, and it knocked me out for the bulk of the week. These 2 issues calmed down rapidly after that. I still slept long so took the tablets earlier in the evening, rather than midnight for eg. I was usually asleep within 20 30 minutes.

It made my emotions stay very much on one level, no ups or downs really. I appreciated that at the time.

It made me constantly hungry and I gained a good deal of weight.

Then I also found longer term, it was like my mind was constantly looking for a reward. And gradually it stopped helping my mood.

But short term it was helpful. And I had no problem coming off of it.
Hows your mirtazapine working out?
I’m not a fan - to be honest, made my sleep slightly better, longer chunks of sleep etc. However, it is making me really really sleepy all day long. It’s not sustainable for me, I don’t think! It also makes me really irritable. I think I’ll be requesting a different one!
Ok. I don't feel happy on it either. When I'm outside doing something I feel alot better on it but when I'm indoors I feel like shit. 😂😵😕
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