Monster truck show eeeeek 🫣


Some family took me to a mobster truck show… first time in my life. I was fine. The trucks revved around, being really loud and I was yelling with all and having fun.

Then they stopped and ohhhh boy the chest pains began. I had prepared with meds but…
So I tried breathing but pains didn’t go away so I stepped out now.

Stupid of me to come here, I know 🙄


Not stupid at all.

Not only did you have FUN 🤩🥳😁 but you ALSO came prepared for a possible panic attack or anxiety attack, and are handling it.

Well done. Not stupid.
Nice of you to say but once I left I couldn’t go back. And they paid for me. So they wasted $ bc I didn’t play it safe

And now we’re all leaving


indoor show? They should require adequate ventilation if they run nitro fuel indoors. If it was indoors and they ran nitro fuel anyone who stayed long enough had at least tears in their eyes and at worst panic setting in at some level.
I go to the drags once in awhile and hang out in the pits getting my fill of the tech on display but when a nitro burner fires up I am outta there. The guys that work on them are all wearing gas masks, and there are always a dozen or so mouth breathers on the rope line with tears in their eyes and snot in their noses trying to be the toughest idiot in a ten foot radius, it is hilarious. You know they are in a battle with their better senses telling them to run away! run away!
And thats outside.

Indoors or outdoors the noise alone had to be insane, especially if it was indoors with nitro. You did well to prepare, you stood up to a sensory onslaught and possibly an affront to your survival instincts. I say you did good. No problem.