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My PT expressed the other day that the muscles in my left leg have atrophied because of a compressed nerve. We started working on that and immediately I started having the same weird-ass super painful twisting feeling I was having in my leg all last winter.

It’s interesting because last year at this time I was in PT because I had torn my labrum on that side and no one could figure out why it was that even with months of constant strengthening exercises, I was not only still in pain, I also wasn’t getting any stronger. It was suggested that I take a break from PT because after almost six months, I wasn’t improving and I was in a pretty regular bad mood, too. I had a sciatica diagnosis but no one paid much attention to it. I left PT in February, I think, and just got back to it in October.

I don’t know if the impingement or dysplasia in my hips could compress a nerve that’s been making my foot numb for the last year -- both of these issues are considered mild -- they did cause arthritis which caused the labral tears but that’s because I have been walking around on them all my life. So maybe they could?? IDK. I do have a herniated disk in my lower back. Whatever the cause, I am starting to think that this nerve issue is the “why” that has not let me take the cane out of the back of my car.

Between the chaos of 3 moves in 4 months and struggling with executive functioning, anyway, I feel like I am about to drop the ball on this. So, I’m just going to ask with the knowledge that other people here have gone through nerve stuff.

Is PT the best place for me to be with muscle atrophy and intense pain from a compressed nerve? Or rather, should I be seeing anyone else in addition to my PT? Is there a way to know where the compression is and/or does it really matter in alleviating the symptoms?

I know that PT has as good a chance of helping as anything but my PT wasn’t exactly a beacon of hope the other day -- using the word “if” instead of “when” regarding recovery from this. I’m back to doing nerve flossing daily which I had stopped because my former PT did not see nerve issues playing a role, though I still had a numb spot in the middle of my foot.

I know I can ask my PT more questions and I will but I am a much better reader than I am a listener, so I thought I would ask here, first.



@RussellSue, I had back surgery on Valentines Day this year because an MRI showed Spinal Stenosis and 2 herniated discs in my lower back. My spinal nerve canal had shrunk to the point my nerves popped out, and one of the herniated discs was literally crushing the nerves. They removed one of the discs (L4) and a facet bone to make room for the nerves. I still have pain if I exert my back, but I can stand and walk straight now.

Definitely worth having a conversation with your doctor. Hope this helps 😊


Totally agree with @WonderWriter - time to go back to doc for a referral to a specialist. Another MRI should show up whether the impinged nerve has more pressure on it somewhere, or whether there's another level of your spine causing issues. A neurosurgeon should be able to pinpoint if that's happening somewhere in your spine, or in your hip, etc.

Even if the neuropathy you're experiencing is in the same place (feet & hands probably the most common spot), that doesn't necessarily mean that it's the same nerve being hit with pressure at the same spot as last time.

PTs are great, but they have their limits. A scan will at least confirm for them exactly where the problem is.

Ignoring new neuropathic pain is always a gamble. And if you don't need to take that gamble? Don't!