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Mornings are the hardest (Mothers cancer Diagnosis)Work etc..

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Rani G2

Hello people,

Do you find mornings difficult? If so, how do you handle it?

The moment I open my eyes I’m emotionally erupted, when I must work (Which I don’t do now, I will go back on Monday) I sometimes throw up in the mornings. It doesn’t happen that often now, but it’s still tough. Who knows maybe it’s a circadian imbalance/ cortisol-melatonin dysregulation... I don’t know.

How Do you handle your mornings?

Do you Play Music in the Morning ? Do you do anything special?

My mother was diagnosed with Ovariancancer in 8/2020 (Early Stage) after the surgery she only did one cycle of Chemotherapy, my boss who is the gynecologist and is practicing for more than 20 years strongly recommended to proceed with Chemo, but my mother refused because she doesn’t have the stamina to do so, and is struggling with her own Traumas and never did any therapy. She doesn’t understand psychotherapy, and doesn’t feel the need to do anything. I am her daughter, but I can’t save her.. everyone makes their own decisions!!! Its still hard because there have been more and more patients with cancer diagnosis during the last few months.. more than usual. Even younger patients with very little or almost no symptoms coming for their check ups and then being diagnosed with cancer. Working in this environment doesn’t make it easier.

Today I’m going with my mother to a general practitioner who also does alternative therapies, I’ve been very clear with my mother this isn’t about healing, that’s dangerously naive, but about stabalizing her.

Just to get this off my chest..

Thank you.
Yes I also find mornings very difficult. Emotional and psychological problems. I often feel sick. So sorry for your mother's diagnosis. I hope other practitioners can help. I often listen to music in the mornings or just watch tv until I feel a bit better. It's a on going problem at the moment.
Yes I also find mornings very difficult. Emotional and psychological problems. I often feel sick.
@Survivor3 that‘s very nervewracking isn’t it?! Understand you.. glad you have the appointment tomorrow!

My mother also has a strong susceptibility to conspiracy theories.. So you know what that means with the pandemic going on. She refuses to take the vaccine and she has little trust in conventional medicine. Everytime she tried to convince me about the danger in taking the vaccine, I had to be very clear and precise. When I took my first shot last month, she was extremely worried and told me not to take the second one.
The energy pendulum has given the information that it’s going to be dangerous for me. So that’s what I’m dealing with, I have three other family candidates who are very much into these theories, I’ve reduced my interactions with them, I don’t have the energy to Jabber about Q Anon ideas or any 3rd dimensional aliens creating this..

A man with a conviction is a hard man to change. Tell him you disagree and he turns away. Show him facts or figures and he questions your sources. Appeal to logic and he fails to see your point.”
― Leon Festinger

This is fun.. 😡
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