Moving somewhere safe and finding a job


Hi everyone!

I plan on moving somewhere safe and finding a job soon.
My mother overdid it this time, she played me, the cops, and social security - lies without a shadow of a doubt for anyone. She lost it in front of the cops while playing the victim at the same time. They told me at least I take responsibility for my life and that's honorable, that I had a fast recovery etc. Anyway, I spent 2 weeks at the hospital in November - for medication adjustment. (Although I spent a few months without meds and doing ok, had a major breakdown during the summer, she threatened to take my dogs from me, leave me at the side of the road, induced me to panic... it was crazy) I had a heart rate of 150 bpm's almost had a heart attack...


I have 2 paying jobs, although they don't pay much, it's doing what I love to do. I plan on finding a solid paying one, at least a regular solid income for me to save enough to leave. I found somewhere in my country which is cheap, close to friends and has the type of work I'm looking for.

My question is:

How to do it low, peacefully that I don't raise the heat to the point of her going crazy on me again?

I'm keeping my therapist and psychiatrist informed, also friends, and I don't think I can trust my family on this at all.


I wonder -- can the social security people give you some guidance on low income housing? Even if you don't get disability they may be able to point out resources?