Mr Laurie Comfort Mince Pie

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Just to add to the Pork casserole recipe, obviously the meat content can be exchanged for any meat,

For Lamb, 500 grammes of lean Lamb chunks to be substituted for the beef chuck steak. The Apple Juice to be substituted for mint sauce, the apples to be substituted for fresh mint leave, the basic recipe remains the same.

For Beef, substitute the Apple Sauce and Apples for Worcestershire Sauce, a generous splash is required. again follow the method as with the pork recipe...... with this one prepare your dumplings (I cheat and use a suet based Dumpling mix here for speed, form your dumplings into small round patties, approx 2 per person and wrap in cling film and refrigerate overnight. The dumplings or as we Brit's call them Dough-Boy's or Devon Dough-Boy's ** I myself am a true Devon Dumpling lol.
Follow the method and approx 20 minutes prior to serving drop your dumplings into your stew mix and they will instantly sink straight to the bottom, these will then rise through the sauce soaking up the juices until they triple in size, serve and enjoy :)

Chicken breast can be substituted, use your imagination with flavorings here, likewise Turkey breast can also be substituted. With Turkey I tend to use a cranberry mash by simply mashing the cranberries in a little olive oil and marinading again over night.
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