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music that helps


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So I love music, but what really slows me down , my breathing become shallow is soft trance music , id urge everyone whos super anxious to listen to it , the slow continuous beats , i love it
to my senses, listening to music is more white noise than therapy. i need to participate in order to gain therapy value from it.

i make my own music for music therapy. it's gotta be live if i want it to thrive.

for what it's worth
it's an easily verified fact that live and recorded music run on different frequencies. a two year old pounding on an instrument touches me more deeply than the chorded, recorded, fined and refined, mixed and remixed masters i find through reproducing sources.
Back in the day, I found my happy place standing in front of/dancing on top of speakers blasting House & some Jungle / Drum&Bass. Falling asleep to Sasha & John Digweed / various trancy artists/tracks.

These days, I tend to match & downgrade/up shift. Whether that’s punk or metal to catch my heart rate & keep shifting downward towards Nina or LedZep until I’ve evened out closer to 50-70bpm, or am blasting some Bach cello to catch the pain/depth of emotion and shift upwards towards country/ rap/ pop.

I listen to just about everything, though.
Me too, i llove it all classical, rap, rock, been jammin to my girl jody watley and shalamar , but equaly appealing Sinatra and Pink Floyd , never bad , even some dummy on youtube
I'm in the listen to everything catagory. What I listen to depends on me and who I'm with and all that.
Alone on a not great day headed for therapy, you can see the back window bounce in the car and mostly it's anything rock with a steady bass beat.
At home and working down - maybe a little Solitudes - Thunderstorm is a favorite but the cat doesn't like it.

Apart from that it's by mood and it could be anything....
Sirius XM had a deal on before Christmas for about $10 a month for car and app.

Their Tranquil channel is bi-lateral and very calm and relaxing.