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My Appointment With My Psychiatrist

Discussion in 'Treatment & Therapy' started by TheDeepestScar, Nov 21, 2007.

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  1. TheDeepestScar

    TheDeepestScar Member

    It went better than I thought it would. We were able to get him to take off well at least one medication this visit, so I'm tapering down the Depakote. He's absolutely convinced I have either bipolar or borderline but leaning more towards bipolar. Now I've seen alot of therapists and psychiatrists in the last few years and he's the only one to push bipolar.

    My therapist looked over my medical evaluation board and asked me where they got borderline from, she doesn't even see it....

    And from what I've read with complex PTSD it can look like Borderline personality disorder and social anxiety or avoidant personality disorder.

    But I'll pick my battles. I signed a medical release, he can talk to my therapist and she can talk to him....

    But seeing that he doesn't really have any books out there and she has written over 14 books on the matter and trains other therapists in how to treat PTSD...I think I'll take her word over his.

    He frustrates me to no end. I say and my husband says, I'm pretty much a zombie and he ignores it....usually. We pushed the medication issue today. I take a multi-vitamin and a cholesterol medicine...but all the other pills I take are psych meds (that's 5 medications then that are for psych--and we are getting rid of one, but that will still leave four.).

    And we told him how I can't remember nightmares though I know I'm having them and he said that's a good thing and I beg to differ. How can I possibly recover IF I can't remember anything because medications are deadening my memory....

    The psychiatrist I had before him only had me on 2 medications...but he was only temporarily at the VA hospital.

    But he flat out told me he didn't want to over medicate me, this one I have now is way over medicating me (IMO). I don't need so many medications. His basis for taking me off the Depakote is that my ammonia levels have been running on the high side with my lab tests (which haven't been done in a while either). Which he said could be affecting my dizziness, memory issues, shaking hands...ect.

    I'm taking a small break from cleaning, well what I can with two kids under foot. Plus I still feel a bit sick, not much, scratchy throat a tiny cough and that's about it.

    But I made to and from Martinsburg without incident, though I did take my anxiety medication before I left. So that probably had some to do with it.

    So BIG sign of relief for that being over and done with.
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  3. rt1967

    rt1967 Active Member

    hi ,glad it went better than you thought hope you get what you need to help.
    Best wishes Ruth
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