My asthma is being exacerbated by PTSD


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I realize when you have a medical condition it is possible for it to be aggravated by ptsd. I've never had that issue until this fall. We all dread fall and winter working in healthcare anymore because we know what it means. An increase in pandemic cases. Which means a greater risk of exposure even though we take precautions and wear PPE. I've been extremely fortunate that I haven't contracted the virus......yet. Now every time I have to go and work with a patient; I feel my ptsd being triggered and then my asthma kicks in. I can't let this happen and I've been working on getting this under control. But if anyone has asthma and has suggestions on how they handle their ptsd and asthma I'd love to hear them. Thanx. 🤫


I’m dealing with a flare right now and had to dig out my old inhaler (yes, I need a new one.) My asthma flares when my magnesium levels are low (and this is because of my medication that I take to treat my ptsd). It can be a vicious cycle, but fortunately I haven’t had this issue in a few years now, so at least it doesn’t happen often. I need to take supplements to help, but when it gets bad I have no choice but to reduce my meds. Wearing masks doesn’t help either, but I wear them as I haven’t gotten bronchitis in almost 3 years now because of them. I just haven’t switched over to KN95s yet as it’s harder to breathe through them. And of course none of this is fun because not being able to breathe sets in major panic. Just ask me about the various ways I suffocate in my recurring nightmares! 😩