My Body Doesn't Respond To Meds-help

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I do not respond to any medication well, my body has never tolerated prescriptions.
Does anyone know of any natural way to cure anxiety, or at least lighten the feeling?
I know about exercise, but are there any paticular foods that can help? I'm suffering day and night, I'm at a loss....
I'm dangerously hyper sensitive to medications so I know how you feel. Depending on how long you have symptoms and how serious they are, you just have to wait them out. It took me 3 months to get to a point where I could tolerate 10 mg of Cipralex without having to take ginger pills for nausea *hugs*

I found that watching a favourite comedy show can help! I tend to lean towards British panel shows like QI but any funn thing will do :)
Cut out sugar and stimulants as much as you can. I know you said you know about I'll only add that I notice slow and mindful (can still burn lots of energy though, like Pilates or strength stuff) seems to help me more. Using resistance bands or pushing something heavy with my legs is actually my first line of defense when entering into panic. Sometimes settles things really fast! If I can settle some through movement, then I try to do some stretching or meditation to keep working towards that slower state in a manageable way. Sometimes it means only meditating for five minutes, or listening to a guided meditation podcast.

I can't do meds either. SSRIs, SNRI, NNRIs....none of them worked well. And my doctor won't give me benzos because of my addiction history. I am currently on nothing for anxiety (I don't have general anxiety, but waves of panic and occasional meltdowns that last a day or two).

Not sure if it would help, but magnesium is a natural muscle relaxant and can help some people with sleep. Ashwagandha is an herb that can be helpful...just makes me a little too drowsy. Holy Basil seems to help keep me a little more even and able to manage stress.
Firstly. there are a bunch of ways to manage diet/supplements/herbals etc that can help and if I'm feeling well enough I'll try to come add more.

Just quickly though - I think medicinal marijuana is accessible in Canada? I don't have the best access to benzos either and I find the green herb helps take the edge off incidental anxiety and helps me manage symptoms. If you haven't tried and would be comfortable doing so it may be worthwhile.
Silly question but have you been back to see your doctor, and how long were you on meds for anxiety as it took me a month to get through the head aches and tremors,
I quit meds a few years ago because I felt they just weren't doing anything for me.

I can't tell you about specific foods, but I have some thoughts: quit alcohol (if you haven't already done so), eat healthy (I'm not sure that any particular foods matter; just eliminate the junk), and yes exercise. I would suggest yoga maybe because it's not just the exercise its also good for the anxiety. A book you might want to check out: Overcoming Trauma through Yoga by Emerson and Hopper.

For me, yoga didn't work out so well, but it might for you. We're all different. I do walk a lot, like about six miles a day. It gets me out into nature (I live on the edge of a suburb) where I can see lots of wildlife (a coyote, four deer, and several hawks this morning).
It's been a while since I went to the doctor, nothing they were giving me helped- in fact everything they gave me made my symptoms worse.
I have always tried eating healthy and self healing, using the doctor for diagnostic purposes only. I guess my body doesn't like artificial substances. I can drink one beer and be sick for days. Although oddly enough vodka seems to never make me sick. (Even though I only drink a couple times a year.)
The only thing that would be considered a drug that I consume is a cup of coffee a day, and black tea.
I have tried marijuana and it works great, only in the United States where I live, not every State is legal. And unfortunately almost every job does drug tests, & even in the States that it's legal if you test positive you get fired. It sucks because it really is the only thing that helped me function, but I had to quit to stay working.
Thanks everyone for your comments! This is the most hopeful I have been in a very long time, and I'm going to put good advice to use, because I'm tired of this grey existence.
Hey i know im late but i have a suggestion that might help you. I also cant take prescriptions, not because my body cant take it but because i have an addiction problem, so i looked up natural things and found my new best friend - passiflora incarnata! It works really well, it doesnt get you high, just calm. It works for anxiety and insomnia, two 250mg pills in the morning, two at night and more as needed. Its not addictive and if one day you are out you dont feel all jittery. Hope it helps
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