My Crazy Thoughts

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For me Seoquel came on with morning grogginess, but it dimishes. I mean, even without drinking coffee, its really no problem. I feel the 50mg XR, very strongly.
No question when it comes on. Be careful driving, especially at first.

I take mine at night, some take it for sleep? I don't know...I wouldn't take it just for that myself.

Hey, speaking of Catalyitc converters, that Subaru I mentioned, it had three check engine lights and six mandatory dealer visits in the first 3 thousand miles I drove it. Pretty funny, it spent the whole summer in the shop. Still, I think it was a fluk. Thing has a huge four cylinder low-revving hi-torque engine - got like only 21 mpg. That's what I got anyway. They are awesome snow cars though, OMG, just unreal.

Are you driving studded snows on yer civic? You probably don't wanna wreck em for snow, but you CAN yank the studs yerself with a good pair of pliers. I did on a van once, no problem
Well, my day was ok overall - this AM I thought my head was revving at about ten thousand RPM, but went to the pool and chilled somewhat. Ran my daily errands, and was in a very nice pleasant low-key mood. Bought a new dish rack (exciting huh?) And found some great running shorts at a thrift store. Got four pair, my size, the color I wanted (olive green) and the right brand too, like .99 cents each. Not bad huh?

I use those shorts for swimming, with briefs, and they work great. Good stable yarn dye too (color fastness) takes a long time for the (minimal) chlorine to bleach 'em. So, big thrill, that made my little day.

Think that's all I got, we got heat too. Lucky its dry, and up here we got air flow and we've been really lucky with cooler nights. Ok, signing off from casa TriggerLight, take 'er easy MizzASG...
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