My current therapist is referring me out


My therapist of 3 years is referring me out. She has been getting consultation for my case because even though she is an amazing professional she is not specialized in dissociative disorders and she has decided to not go back in person.

She told me 2 weeks ago and gave me a list of referrals. 4/5 were full. I tried the other one and was not really a specialist. I feel I need a specialist so this does not happen again, as it has crushed me as it took me by surprise.

I got another couple names through other therapists and I have a free 20min phone call tomorrow. She is supposedly a very experienced therapist working with these issues so I have just a few questions for her. I want to be hopeful.

How have you dealt with being referred out because of this complexity? My therapist has insisted that it is because she just does not have the tools to help me further.

I feel broken and my protector is feeling even more defensive and wants to protect now from all therapists. It took her -everyone- a lot to trust this one, but as amazing as she was/is, it was not enough.

How can I/we learn to trust a new therapist? Especially because of dissociative issues/having other parts...

We will have 1 more session just with my therapist and then we might be able to meet both with my current and future therapist for a brief session -the 3 of us together- to ease the transition.

I didn't know if to post under here or Other disorders. Please move the post if needed.


This is good news. Your current therapist is doing the ethical thing and not trying to treat someone she doesn't have the ability to treat.

Good luck with your phone call!
Yeah I guess it is. But it left me very confused and shocked because she was getting consultation and I didn't think this would happen.

The phone call went good and I have a 1st appt scheduled for next week on Friday. I just have to be hopeful. It may work out. I just need to keep telling myself that and then start believing it.

Thank you for responding!