My Dog is a Swimmer!


He learned not to be fearful of the water (carried in by trainer, trainer kept him close and walked him around the pool until he was ready), he learned how to use the stairs in and out of the pool.

The trainer put him close to the stairs and let him go a little to see what skills he does have, then we took it at his pace to give him some practice swimming. The trainer said he didn't need much correction because he is swimming correctly to keep his snout above water.

For his first time, he did SO well. He was able to swim to me from halfway across the small pool (with supervision, trainer was hands near him the entire time to ensure he wasn't going to have a bad experience).

He ran back into the pool room from the drying room after we were done. 😂



Makes me think of my dog I had as a child. We had an above ground pool with a deck attached. You had to climb the ladder to get to it and into the pool. My little mutt "Muffin" would climb up and take a running dive into the water. Little paws pointed perfectly straight. Front and back. We would rate her dives like they do in the Olympics. LOL 8.5 9.0. 😄 She loved swimming on a hot day just like the rest of us.

Glad you both enjoyed it and thanks for the beautiful memories your sharing reminded me of. 💗 🏊 🐕 😊😊😊