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my emotions physically disable me

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i feel like im losing my mind, sometimes when little things happen i get so anxious and depressed that i literally feel like i cannot do anything. all i can do it sit in a chair or lay on my bed and stare off into space. it disables me, and i try to tell myself to get up and do something, but i cant. i cant even think staight when it happens. im like completely stuck. and sometimes i kinda "hear" my abuser talking in my ear, but i dont litereally hear the sound of it, its more like his words keep playing repeatedly inside my head, but theres no noise out loud, and it drives me crazy. i use to literally hear the noise of other voices outloud which was different and i couldnt make out what they were saying, it didnt sound like him, and this was different cuase it was coming from outsdie my head, this is coming from inside my head. . what is happening? and how do i help it, how do i get his voice out of my head?
Flashbacks / Reliving & dysregulation, both preetty typical for this disorder, a.k.a you're *not* losing your mind.

And how do you move him, therapy.
By processing your trauma, it gets relived less and stops being so disruptive to the present time. :tup:
What @Ronin said.

I have the same issue, except I get very angry before I get depressed. And the rest of the day is ruined.

For what it's worth, it does get better. Little by little. Are you seeing a therapist?
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