My Favorite Aunt is Being Tested for Liver Cancer and my Dissociation is Spiking Again


Half of me thinks that at this point nobody believes all of this… Both of my parents were diagnosed with cancer a year and a half ago and that sent my dissociation off the charts. I wrote about it here.

So anyway, last night I called my aunt and she told me she’s not doing well and she’s undergoing testing to see if she has liver cancer. She will get back the first test results on Wednesday. My dissociation started when I was on the phone with her. I went to bed hoping it’d get better, but now that I’m awake again I can’t tell if my meds haven’t worn off or if I’m still dissociative.

My mom and I have almost the whole day planned together and I need to start getting ready soon. I hope I’m ok as I’m the one who is supposed to drive.

I haven’t seen my aunt in three years now, mainly because of COVID. I last saw her in May of 2019. My mom says I should plan a trip to see her. (She’s my dads sister). My other aunt is supposedly planning to move to where she lives to help her out (as she’s in her 80’s). I don’t know if this will happen as money is so tight in the family. I don’t even know if my dad knows what’s going on. It’s not up to me to tell him, and I’m not going to ask. My dad and sick aunt were somewhat estranged at one point and I don’t want to cause drama for her.

I’ll stop for now. Thanks for reading. I appreciate it. I just needed to get this out somewhere.