My Fear of Discussing Treatment Plans


If you have child parts and some major abandonment fears, you might understand this... I don’t like talking about treatment goals and plans because I have a fear of healing. Healing equates to a separation from my therapist. It’s taken 3 full years to trust her, and I still have my moments. I still go weekly (sometimes extra after a bad session) and we are finally in a safe place to work on my traumas. I’m working on selecting insurance and the two plans cost about $20 difference for the month if I attend weekly sessions. If I attend bi-weekly sessions, the difference comes to $60 per month. Huge choice to make in my fourth year of therapy for c-ptsd.

Any ideas here? I asked for a phone call to see what her views are on my treatment plan of weekly vs bi-weekly sessions. Now I’m hoping she can’t call or says it will be weekly for the rest of my life. See the problem here?


I'd suggest challenging some of the all or nothing thinking. Making a decision for insurance for the ne t year isn't likely to determine treatment plans for the "rest of" your life. It's for a time, and it sounds like there is some flexibility. I'd for sure talk to her about the fear of healing and separating from her as that may be the bigger issue than weekly or biweekly. I hope it goes well!