My first appointment


So, my first appointment is in 4 weeks. Kinda nervous but also kinda happy. It's a matter of now of what to tell my mum (aka my abuser) that I've ptsd and llI need therapy. If I do tell ger it to be like 20 questions of why. Why this, why that.


Can you tell her that you're not able to discuss it at this time? I never discuss therapy with anyone, except in generalities, it is none of their business. I know it will be hard to tell your mom this, but if you say it every time she might back off.


i'm a bit mystified why you would tell mum, at all. if you were able to schedule your own appointment, this part of your healing journey should be yours and no one else's. luv u mum, but this one ain't nun of ur biz.

just my opine, but i was fully estranged from my mother when i started psychotherapy. at that point, i wasn't even telling her my address or phone number.

steadying support while you sort your own, dawn.


Getting to know this sort of stuff makes us vulnerable. So unless there's something specific that I want the person to do with the information, I don't tell them. For example, I want my mum to know I won't be available on Tuesdays, because I'm having therapy that day and it will be a difficult day for me.

On top of that? Knowing this kind of stuff is a privilege. Not everyone in our lives is entitled to that privilege. And that's about healthy boundaries.