My first appointment


Hi there @Hopefully, yeah I'm in the UK. Im going to see how I go with this trauma focussed cbt for a few weeks (9weeks remaining) and if there's no improvement I'll be seeing a doctor for a referral to see a psychiatrist.

It is a difficult balance, I think when you have complex and lifelong traumas obviously 12 weeks of CBT is not going be the cure all, however it can still help. At the end of the 16 sessions I had, I still felt little change but reflecting back on it now after a few years I can see that there were some benefits and that there were important things I took from it.

Healing is going to come from many sources over an extended period of time, but hopefully you learn something from each stage that is helpful to you and takes you a step closer to a lasting improvement.

I am sure they will be able to discuss next steps with you when you get to that point. I found you do have to fight your corner in the NHS, it is certainly not the best system, and ongoing, long term support is very hard to find, but as a free service they also do a lot of good.