Relationship My girlfriend left me after 3.5 years not able to cope up and detach



I was in relationship with this girl from last 3.5 years and she was the only person I used to talk much in my whole day! She was like a part of my life! I never imagined a life without her! She has loved me so much but all of a sudden she wanted break without any reason (atleast she didn't gave me) i was shocked tried my best but it became worse she lost feelings and now don't want me anymore treats me as she wants! I am not able to detach myself from her! I know she doesn't care about me but i still tell my problems! I am not able to come out of this! I get panic attacks and anxiety attacks when she doesn't call me and when it feels like she is not going to be there in future! Help me out!


Break ups are horrible. They feel like a whole rejection of you. But it isn't. If you're able to breathe and be present within yourself, you'll see that this is a relationship that came to an end.
Relying on her for your problems might (or might not, only you know) be making things worse. Everyone breaks up in different ways and it is possible to remain best friends with an ex (I am). need to look after yourself in the process because there is a very tricky path to navigate from partner to friendship.
And having emotional distance and emotional independence will help you with that.

How can you fill your time with new or different things for yourself, so you lessen the reliance on her?
Join an exercise group? Or whatever hobby you have.
Trying, in whatever way you can to carve out a place for yourself that is separate from her.

Do you have a therapist?