Death My husband hung himself in our basement. I found him just in time.


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We had been together and annoyingly happy for a good 7 years. One day we are enjoying the summer, grilling, hanging out. There were no signs or warning signals that I can recall. My dog started yelling at me and somehow it dawned on me that he was signalling to the basement….something was wrong. I went downstairs and there he was, hanging. We are now in the middle of a divorce. He was never able to explain to me why he did that. I miss him so much and wish I could have known he was struggling or done something to prevent this. I’m torn between sadness, shame, and anger. Curious if anyone has advice on how I can simply let this go and move on. He won’t speak to me, and I’m struggling to make some kind of sense out of it


You would be in a struggle as you saw him as worth saving whereas he may be angry you did and hence not speaking. Part of the divorce starts with separation and in this case therapy for you to help you separate all the pieces from you and him is going to be important to moving forward.


It so sorry. That sounds hugely traumatic for you, and it must be massively confusing also.
Sorry I don't have words of wisdom or things to help

Do you have support and/or a T to talk it through?
I'm sorry he feels unable to share with you why that happened and what's happened since. You must be left with lots of unanswered questions