General My little sister was raped last week by my best friend.

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My little sister was raped last week by my best friend. She won't stop crying and when she falls asleep she has horrible nightmares. I am the only one she has told because she does not trust our parents. I am a 18 year old boy tring to rais my 14 year old sister who was raped in my room while I was downstairs. When you figure out what to do pls tell me. I can't stand seeing her like this and the fact that our dad is abusive does not help. He hit her one time for having a nightmare and when I tried to stop him he beat the shit out of me. Pls help me and my sister...if you can. But help yourself first.
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What are you doing to help her? Have you done anything to your “best friend”? Honestly she isn’t going to get over it. Your 18 which means regardless of your parents you need to report it to the police. Barring that get family services involved and maybe they can help mediate things. Leaving it will only make it worse for your sister and you. You will be the one wracked by guilt. What about a school counselor? Have you tried to get your sister to talk to an adult besides your parents?

Have you offered to sleep on her floor so she can have you help her if she wakes up frightened? What about helping her talk to someone in her peer group that could maybe convince her to talk to authorities.
When you figure out what to do pls tell me.
Do you have any extended family outside of the home that you and your sister could go stay with?

It sounds like you and she both would be helped by having an adult advocate, to get you into a safer environment so that your sister can get the help and support she'll need, following the rape trauma.

Even if you need to reach out to family out of your local area - can you think of anyone who could take the both of you in for a while?
Call a family violence or women's line if police is too scary. Just be the lion sister and get you two away. The rest will follow and there are people who can help
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