My Micromanager


Tensions got a little high yesterday after my husband and I walked into the park model we just purchased to find puddles of water on the floor. It was our fault. We slid in our slide outs on Saturday (to get ready for it to be moved tomorrow) with no warning that rain or snow were coming but even when the warnings came, we failed to become aware that we needed to act. I'm still kicking the crap out of myself for that.

In real life, we could finish paying the movers and the trailer could collapse in its newly designated park space and our financial lives would continue on. We'd stay where we are or rent somewhere else and we might even be better off for it.

My inner micromanager says screw all that - we got things to figure out, TODAY. We're moving to a small town - nothing from here on out happens TODAY. The trailer isn't being moved until TOMORROW. There's no extending the slides and ripping the carpet out TODAY.

(To add to my frustrations for the morning, the electric company hasn't opened the building to customers. It was 37 degrees while I stood under a dripping awning to talk to someone inside. I was there for 40 minutes shifting my weight from one arthritic hip to the other.)

I know my micromanager is ultimately out to lower my anxiety but she is currently making it worse because when she doesn't get her way, she throws a fit. How can I appease her without ripping someone's head off? These stressors aren't leaving any time real soon. I'm so bad at long-term instability.

Does anyone have any pointers, thoughts, good jokes?