My mom


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My mom has learned something from me,don't ignore the problems.She did ignore the problems when my dad abused me in my teens for being me.I am glad she regretted doing this and does to this day.Even witnessed the abuse too doing nothing about it.

I remember walking out running to a neighbor's house calling 911 which my dad was arrested and charged with assault with a deadly weapon. All he did was a little jail time. The wake up call was when I was 17 years old. Dad was beating me with a copper pipe and he left out a .45 hand gun loaded up and had enough. I ended up getting a hold of it pointing it at him and shot him in the chest dead on the scene pulling the trigger.

Mom knew there was something wrong when she got the call. She was shocked at first I was the one that pulled the trigger. Told her I had to do it when I was in juvenile hall for a day. Mom realized she could of had something done before this happened. Good thing was I wasn't charged with murder since it was self defense seeing the past abuse my dad put me through. Mom stepped up and got me help which I was diagnosed with Cptsd.

She also saw something wasn't right with me too,was holding something in. Finally at age 20,I came out as transgender to her and started living and dressing as female after that. Did take it well and saw I was going to be much happier. We even worked things out too through a family therapist. Now has said she has learned from me.


I'm glad your mom had learned things from you and has found ways to be supportive. It sounds like you both have done some hard work and been through a lot.


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She was a little mad at me after I shot and killed my dad in self defense.Said she loved him,it was tough for her to lose him at first.Learned the abuse he put me through was wrong.We almost quit talking and that is when we decided to see a family therapist to work things out.It took one step at a time to do this.Good thing was she told me I was loved still and sounded like this song,

The coming out as transgender,also saw I was unhappy and knows I have a better life now