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Other My myesthenia gravis could be causing me dystrophy

Discussion in 'Other Disorders' started by Portabella, Mar 14, 2007.

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  1. Portabella

    Portabella Well-Known Member

    anyone want to drill a hole in my head to relieve some pressure. get a rolling pin and roll out the knots that my arms, legs, back and neck have become. Or hell just shoot me. I feel like crap today. I found out yesterday that my Myesthenia Gravis, could be causing me dystrophy. Oh super. I have no insurance, I am not on disability. I have kids, live on unemployment, feel like I am going out of my mind in flashback hell. Dealing with Chronic pain to boot, OH YEAH....Pity party participant here. I need to get my head out my ass is what I need to do.
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  3. Marlene

    Marlene I'm a VIP Premium Member

    *Hugs* Bella! Can you get on disability? I know they usually deny the first time (hell, my sister was terminally ill and they denied her disability the first time!), but if you keep trying, they might put you on it and give you medicaid insurance.

    I've also felt like rolling the knots out of my body before, too. Hot showers and tears have been my answer on that.

    *more hugs* and wishing there was more I could do.
  4. cookie

    cookie I'm a VIP

    praying for a good day tomorrow, bella.
  5. slhlilbit

    slhlilbit Active Member

    Good thought and prayers your way. Im sorry you are having so much to deal with. look in to the disability even if you cant get ssd you might be elegable for ssi. and i know there are churchs and other organazations that will help with your med's. PM me mabie we can find you some help.
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