my parents are very controlling +


I couldn't believe my mom actually decide to ruin things for me. I don't like how my mother has treated me, and it's not good to have someone in your life. that controls every part of your well-being. I just knew that I had to write all my emotions out of here. I am an adult having to take care of my own mother. She has severe depression, and realizing that she can not control her behaviors. I understood, but to have someone who keeps on treating you like a child is a whole another thing. I hate how she is making my life, and sometimes I wish I never had a mother like my mom has harsh it may sound. She treats me as a child, and I am the one taking care of her. I want my life to be different, and the only way to live that way is to get out of the rut.


Years ago, my T recommended a book called “Dance of Anger.” By Harriet Lerner. It is very helpful in how to deal with controlling moms/people. Also, I am now better at letting stuff that mom says roll off of me by approaching everything as an observer rather than letting it anger me and cause guilt.