Sufferer My PTSD C&P Exam.


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First of all thanks for having me. I had my C/P exam today and it was very fast, lasted 15 mins. He said he had all he needed and my case was straight forward. I am being treaded by the VA but I don't know if 15 mins is a good thing or not. Has anyone had such a short PTSD C and P ?


Welcome to the community! 😎

Jarhead here, although my dad was a squid, and I haven’t applied for anything, but? (off hand) @Freida has and may be able to weigh in. Quite a few vets on site, but we span the globe. So the hoops we jump through, or flip off, all vary 😉


hello gunner. welcome to the gunner.

i don't believe the va had c & p exams when i received my ptsd dx around the turn of the millennium, but my dx process was done in pieces. my interview with the head honch (i forgot her phd title) who finalized the dx might have been even less than 15 minutes. she trusted her staff to do the heavy lifting.


It's a total crap shoot. I had to go thru 9 of them. Yep, 9
Some took over an hour, one took less than 10 minutes. The thing to remember is that the examiner doesn't make the decision- that's done by an admin person who may or may not have any training on how to decide, so they just guess. Basically if they are in a good mood they approve you, if they aren't they deny it. sucks.

But DO NOT GIVE UP because when it's finally approved its backdated to the date of your initial claim. I had to fight the asshats for 5 years, so it was a pretty good payoff at the end. Of course I almost had a nervous breakdown along the way but.....☺️

I'm happy to share what I learned thru the CF of the process if you want more info - it's a long and tangled story so I think I probably hit every possible response you can get lol


Welcome @Navy_Gunner

Haven't been through any of that. I did ask my T though how long it took until they were sure I had PTSD and the answer was 10 minutes. I sure hope you find help!

And any which way - like I said to my T yesterday - this place has been the best resource I could ever have found for learning to live everyday with PTSD. There always seems to be someone who has been there done that....


My Veteran refused care when he got out of the Army. (2005) Every thing was hunky dory. Not!! His refusal of care then, screwed him when he finally went to them for help.

I'll skip over all the drama and bring you up to date.

He applied (for the third time) in 2019. He had a couple of c&p's. One for tinnitus/hearing loss and one for migraines. He was approved in 2021 for tinnitus/hearing loss @10% and approved for migraines just last month. It bumped him up to 30% and they finally admit it is service connected. 🥳

He still has, I believe, 2 other claims "pending". PTSD and Sleep apnea. (Possibly more) Covid put them more behind though.

It's been a fight!! He has records of every thing that happened to him. And it's still a fight.

This is just our story. Some people have no problem. Walk in. Yadda. Yadda. Yadda. Boom!! Here's a check. We'll see you back next week. And, Bless them!

Every V.A. hospital is different. Some are wonderful and some not so much.

I'm curious when you got out? I think they take care of the newer claims first but who knows? It seems the younger generation is reaching out for support sooner than the old farts.

Like Freida said, Don't give up!! You deserve compensation.

Good luck and welcome home!!