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Long story short. My partner and I got involved in a lawsuit, with our former employer. I really can't go into more detail since it is still ongoing. Well we had some threats to us which started increasing in violence, quanity and severity. I took this seriously and we began moving out. Well December 16th 2009 we recieved a phone call from out neighbor at our old apartment ( we were still in the process of moving out) that our door was open, when I left earlier that day I closed the door, I am sure of it. Out apt. was broken into, a butcher knife was stabbed into a stuffed animal, our rabbit had hair missing from his coat, and things were thrown about. We did the police report, and all that jazz. The next day I go to work as a hotel maid and I remember going into the room, making the bed, and then cleaning the sink. I then began cleaning the bathroom area, the last thing I remember was scrubbing the side of the toilet. I awoke up later on, my head was pounding, I was naseous, and very dizzy and confused, I also had a hoodie string tied around my neck in a garrote fashion, my shirt was ripped and my face bruised badly, thank god no sign of rape. I don't feel like myself anymore. I am irritable, distant, paranoid,confused...the list goes on. Still new to feeling this way, starting to wonder if it ever eases just a tad.

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I hope that you reported this crime to the police also????? I just don't understand the minds of some people. How do they justify doing something like this to people is beyond my comprehension.....I'm glad that you are ok.....

It will take time and a lot of work to feel better. Do you have a therapist, or are you planning on talking to someone over this??? It would be the best for you, if you did...


The people who did this are dangerous. I do not mean to frighten you, You must be already. The police have to know about this. Your lawyer should also be speaking in your behalf for your safety. There has to be some sort of Professional help for you at this stage. even a family doctor... There are many stages of Trauma, and the healthiest thing you can do about this is to talk about it. Keep talking, do not hold in any of how you feel. You need to be brave but NOT quiet.

Glad you are here!


Agreed, you need to report this latest incident to the police ASAP. I'm very sorry to hear you are going through this.


you need to get yourself and your family to a safer place. Check into a hotel out of town or visit a relative somewhere far.
Good luck. It sounds like your going through a lot. You should look into the police departments Victim Services
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