My wife joined me in a session with my T


Yesterday I had my wife join in for my session. I have told my wife only the very basic info about my CSA and having her in the session allowed my T to help me fill in the grey spots. I think this was a very good session as she was able to tell my wife more than I can both clinically and emotionally.

I believe this will make it easier for me to share more in the future, we will have to see as keeping my secrets is a well developed skill. Weekly therapy for the last few months has been very helpful but has also created new fissures in my mind around my family and upbringing, I have always thought of my childhood as pretty normal but learning not so much. Yes I was a victim of CSA from 10-12 by a Pedophile (not family) but what my T has opened up is that I had multiple additional traumas until I was about 19 that have dramatically impacted my life.

Working through this is hard because I loved my parents deeply but have realized that in my youth they had their own issues that sort of left me in many ways to raise myself. They have both been gone for many years but facing their shortcomings raising me is difficult.


I did this a couple times. I think it’s risky to share this stuff with a spouse? My wife knows everything, and she’s pretty good but, that’s a lot of leverage to give to another person. I feel safe now. It was a long journey though. You have to ask yourself, if this comes back at me am I going to be able to deal with it? That’s one of those questions you can’t answer because who knows where you’ll be then?
I applaud you for doing it, it takes real courage.