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News Naked Man Attempts PTSD as an Excuse

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Now I just thought this was piss funny. Another person attempting to take their PTSD over the bounds of conventional and rational thought, to all new heights.
"I haven't seen any evidence that would suggest that this dog is trained in some way connected to your medical or physical condition," Central Islip Federal Judge Joseph Bianco told Mark DelCore at a hearing.

DelCore is suing officials of the Fire Island National Seashore, where pooches are banned, to make an exception for his rat terrier, Cheekies.

A Long Island judge had a bone to pick yesterday with a man who says he has a 9/11-related disability that requires him to sunbathe nude with his dog on Fire Island. DelCore, 39, claims he suffers from a skin condition and posttraumatic stress disorder as a result of the terror attack and that the dog provides him with "psychological support."

DelCore, who competed as a bodybuilder in the 1998 Gay Games, did not bring Cheekies to court yesterday and later told reporters that the stress of filing a suit may be too much for him to continue.

"I have to decide whether the amount of energy I am spending on this makes it worthwhile," he said.
Source: New York Daily News
odd! odd! odd!!!!!!!!!!!!! It takes all kinds of people to make the world go---round!!!! and this guy is really spinning!!!! Thanks for sharing!!!!
Absolutely... not real sure what this person was thinking... but I don't think their playing with a full deck at present anyway!
Uh....nude? Does it have to be nude? The dog, I guess, I can understand would give psychological support, but laying out in the nude? How does getting sunrays on his privates contribute to psychological support?? Thinking about that poor dog having to put up with him....:rofl:
Not open for further replies.