Naming and understanding multiple emotions


I have been thinking about making a post for this for some time. I have been working with the emotional wheel that @MrMoonlight posted in another thread and thought it might be a good idea to reference it to see if I.others might find it helpful in practicing identifying current emotions.

I think part of my problem with emotions is that I feel a bunch of them at the same time. I am hoping this thread will help me learn how to tease out an emotion and put it in writing.

Following is a reference to a pretty good article. The interesting thing is that this site says there are 34K emotions! No wonder I am overwhelmed at times!
Plutchik's Wheel of Emotions: What is it and How to Use it in Counseling?

And here is the wheel that I use to help me zero in on what I am feeling. Hmmm, now that I think about it, I am not certain I can put the image in here without breaching the forum rules? Admins? It would be really helpful if I could.

If not, here is the link that I will be using.
Emotion Wheel
I start in the centre and identify one of the core emotions (Happy, Sad etc), then I look at the breakdown of that category and identify what that may be and then finally, an emotion in the outer part of the circle. Sometimes I have to do it backwards and start on the outside edge and work my way in.
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because color symbolism and cultures clash.
Not sure what this means @Ronin. Would you mind expanding on that please? I am not a big colour person, I go more for the words so I think that is why I am not relating to what you are saying, not because you didn't say it well.

Oh wait - nevermind. I see what you are saying. You are relating to the colours on the wheel, but not necessarily attaching to the words. lol. See? I need a lot of work on this.

Please forgive for my confusion. I understand now.